New to Notify My Android (NMA)?

NMA is a platform that allows you to delivery notifications from virtually any application to your Android device. We offer a client application that runs on your Android device and a set of easy to use public APIs that can be integrated into your software.

Libraries and scripts for languages like Java/C/C++/.Net/PHP/Ruby/Python and others are available on our Development page. If you have some development skills and want to develop and publish your own library, feel free to contact us (nma at and we will be happy to post a link to your library or host it for you.

Introducing, NMA.USK.BZ mail!

All your API keys are now also an email address. Send an email to or and you will receive the message as a push notification on your Android device.

Github Service Hook for NMA!

You can now receive notifications every time your repositories are updated on Github.

To activate it, just head over to Github, open one of your repositories, click on "Admin" -> "Service Hooks" and finally add one of your API keys to the NMA service hook.

Growl Plugins and Snarl support!

We are pleased to announce that NMA now supports Growl for Windows and Growl for Mac!

And starting with version 2.4.1-beta1, Snarl has built-in support to NMA.

You can now easily forward your notifications to your Android device on both platforms! Enjoy!

Growl Plugin for Mac Open-Sourced!

If you have any Obj-C knowledge, you can now contribute and add your most wanted features to the Growl plugin for Mac yourself.

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Android Push Notifications(C2DM)!

Since FroYo (2.2), Android offers push notifications. NMA makes it possible for you to delivery those notifications straight from your application to one or multiple Android devices. It's that simple!

Get it on the Market!

You can find Notify My Android application on the Marketplace.